Spiritfeet Project Yoga.

How we began

As I gazed out over the valley, I imagined something. And then I ran into a young man who's vivid imagination put wings to my thoughts, and together we started down a path to a project that's taken a life of its own. One month later, here we are.

Spiritfeet was born that sunny afternoon, and she's continuing to grow because of the combined nurturing, love, and faith people are putting into her.    


We each had a vision, and we started by sharing those visions with each other. Then we shared with our friends, communities, and complete strangers. This volunteer project is taking us through Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama as we share free, on the fly, spontaneous yoga classes. This is not just about yoga, it's about getting together and doing spontaneous healing. It's about bringing people together and focusing on health in an experience based way. And it's about leaving the people we touch with a way of paying the message forward.


Anything that gets your mind to focus on the feelings you're having while your body is in motion, is sacred time. And when you do it spontaneously and with a group of people, you're connecting and that's just good all around. We think health is important, and it's more then a one man job. So we've made it our mission to bring people together, and focus that connection on creating a sustainable attitude towards health.


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Our Sponsors

The people, companies, communities and products pouring their hearts into helping Spiritfeet take flight.


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Health is more then physical. It's emotional. It's mental. And it's spiritual.